I live in the Pilbara region of Western Australia where my interest in photography has grown significantly. This region has some of the most stunning scenery in Australia which begs to be captured.

My passion for photography began in the last years of school when I inherited my father’s Olympus OM10 with sigma lens. I love using black and white film and the journey from capture to dark room and then to print.

I began a career in the building & joinery industry, so as an apprentice I could not afford the film and processing costs. Quite a few years went by without time behind a camera.

As the digital age began so did my passion for photography return. I took to ocean photography as
Surfing was a favourite pastime of mine. However, when the conditions for surfing were not favourable out came the camera.

My career then led me to the Pilbara which has been my home for the past nine years. As there is no ocean nearby, a desire to experience and capture this wonderful landscape grew. I really hope you enjoy looking through my images and experience the beauty this land has to offer.